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“Most professional service currently available for PS4. Have taken them up on this multiple times and never been disappointed. The runs are quick, clean, and fun. No hacks or gimmicks here, just some dedicated players offering a great service. Stop reading and just do it, you will not regret it.


Joe G

“These guys are awesome, they give you exactly what you ask for and keep you up to speed all the way through the process, would definitely recommend them. I don’t think these guys could do anything differently. I would like to say a massive thank you for your services.”


Luke C

“My life is pretty packed with a busy job, a lot of travel and a family. So, I don’t get to play as much as I would like. I love to play with my two teenage boys and I don’t think I suck at the game, but I don’t always have the opportunity to put in the needed time to grind out the stuff like I need to in order to keep up with them. Virtuous Gaming has been awesome helping out more than once. Always prompt and professional – going above and beyond to complete the stuff I simply don’t have time for anymore. I’ve been happy working with them would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing that extra boost.”


Sean M

“Great full run of King’s Fall. These guys were great, communicated well via email and chat, and answered all my questions. Raid was very quick, these guys really know what they’re doing. Can’t thank them enough and will definitely be back in the future. Thank you very much, again!”


Victor P

“When they say specialize in killing hard Crota, they really do mean it! When I say they, I mean 3 guys taking down hard Crota without any help. Only 3! And to top it off it only took them thirteen minutes to kill Crota twice! Let me say it again 2x, back to back, one after another, thing 1 thing 2. Done! All in all, though if you are looking for help in raids these are the guys to go to. Super efficient, easy going, friendly guys willing to help out. I did not personally know these guys before I contacted them. Highly recommended. Thanks guys!”



“Out-freaking-standing service. They’re fast, efficient and they deliver. All of the things I was trying to get, I got with one full run.
If you’re looking to knock out one of the toughest s.o.b’s in the game right now, get with this group. Back to back kills all while keeping they’re cool. It’s a hell of a thing to watch after hours or struggle, lol. Once again, If you really want it done, get it done, and these guys will help, no questions asked. Thanks again guys!”



“I just did flawless raider with these guys, and I must say they RULE! Very well organized and it only took them 25 minutes, first shot no wipe. I definitely vouch for these guys. If you want flawless raider achievement done, get it from them!”



“Amazing service!! Crazy fast response and delivery. These guys know what there doing and do it well! Can’t wait to use their service again!! A++”



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